Big Island Big Soul Hawaii Retreat!


We did it! (Above from left to right: Dana, Allie & Paula)
In February of 2021, I painted a cow who made it over to the “right side of the fence”. She was a commodity at a rancher’s farm that happens to border Paula’s land on the South Point of the Big Island. And after negotiations, she became part of Paula’s Big Island Farm Sanctuary family. Her name is now Anela and a few months later she gave birth to her daughter, who will always know safety and love. 

We went live together on Instagram to raffle the painting. It was the prize of a fundraiser that successfully raised over $1000 in donations that were made directly to the sanctuary.  While on that live, we joked that I should come to the Sanctuary to paint. One thing led to another and we joked that we should make a retreat for animal lovers to visit the farm, paint together, do yoga and explore the island. 

And we did just that! It came true and I’m still in disbelief that we put it all together, met these wonderful 20 like-minded souls, and we’re back already! 
We became an Ohana (family) over the week. It was a special group of people. We started each day with yoga instructed by Dana and then a fresh breakfast.

Brittany, from Wild Blooms Hawaii, gave us a lei making workshop where we each made a flower crown. 

We explored Hilo, South Point and Kona. We had a macadamia nut tasting, sampled Hawaiian coffee, ate delicious vegan food cooked for us by the amazing chef of Herbivores. 

The animals…! We met the residents of Big Island Farm Sanctuary - pet pigs and goats, held chickens and hugged cows!  It was the BEST!
We took a sunset boat ride out to swim with manta rays at night - and I even got touched by a few 3 times!! They say that’s good luck! It was truly magical to be in the water and have them put on a show right under our snorkels!
We visited Volcano National Park and saw the steam still rising from the last eruption.  We saw Rainbow Falls, Black Sand Beach, and even some resting sea turtles!
Geckos shared our breakfasts and I even caught one in the shower with me 🤭 Nature was abundant and harmonious around us. 
And I gave a paint workshop.  We all painted sea turtles together while we relaxed on the veranda of of lodging. It was all so magical!
We shared a lot that week and forever bonded. 🌺 
Day 1…
Last Day…

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