This dove and the products adorned with its design are a heartfelt tribute to the compassionate souls of our Village. 🕊️

In the splendid autumn of 2022, I had the absolute delight and honor of wielding my paintbrushes to color a Sullivan County Catskills Association Dove at the magical farm, Arthur's Acres Animal Sanctuary.
Picture this: The dovetrail took flight back in 2019, a colorful tribute to the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock. Just like a blast from the past, we drenched these doves in vibrant, groovy hues, channeling the spirit of the swinging '60s.
If you want to visit, it's perched in Parksville, NY, right before the iconic white wooden fence that hugs the enchanting Arthur's Acres grounds.
And here's the best part, folks – now YOU can strut your stuff with this groovy dove design, whether you're strolling through the sanctuary or rocking it from afar. A portion of every dove-inspired product gets donated to support the beloved Arthur's Acres and their precious piggies.
Wear it with pride, dear Villagers, as a symbol of our shared kindness and support for Arthur’s Acres and their beloved piggies.
Spread the happiness!
And, let's spread some Peace, Love, & Pigs!
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