October Fun!

So many exciting things have happened last week! 

Most of you know by now that I am a 2x breast cancer survivor/thriver.  I am passionate about spreading awareness and helping others.  All of this "pink-washing" in October was the thing that made me do a self exam, almost 12 years ago to the day.  

For that reason, I became an Ambassador for Susan G Komen.   And last week was one of incredible opportunities! 

First, I had my 15 "seconds" of fame making an appearance with other survivors on the Good Morning America Show.  Me and my "heart-art" sign made a quick appearance on the outdoor patio with Ginger, while she gave some of the weather report.


A few days later I was invited to join the Susan G Komen CEO, Paula Schneider,  and other amazing people at the New York Stock Exchange to help ring the closing bell! 

How crazy is that?!


The investment company, Simplify, started a new health care ETF and 100% of  the profits are being donated to Susan G Komen.  It's an amazing project and added a new way for non-profits to fundraise.  Think about the potential money that will be generated from this new fund.

I truly believe the research and technology will bring us amazing new treatments, medicines and eventually a cure in the short future.  So much has changed in the past 12 years since I started my journey.

I believe!

I signed the wall at the NYSE!!

And I used "Allison Luci", my artist signature.

  I even held the gavel!


With friend, fellow survivor and

founder of ihadcancer.com Mailet Lopez.

Such an amazing experience!  I'm so grateful to have been a part of this incredible event. 

Thank you Susan G Komen & Simplify

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