Participation Rainbow!! Filling up paint jars!

Participation Rainbow

I’m going to Tennessee!

Can you guess where??


It won’t seem ODD to you, even if you only know me for a short time. 

Oh MAN, you still need another hint?

I’ll be INN shock if anyone still does not know.

Yes! Yes! Odd Man Inn. I’m so excited!

And it gets even better, because I’ll be doing what I love to do most, painting - for the animals who call OMI their home!
(I’ve heard them call it that, really, they talk!) 

So, I will be painting some pretty big structures, and that’s why I created “The Participation Rainbow.”  


Based on past experiences, I know it’s common for kind souls to reach out and ask how they can help and participate; to be a part of something so awesome. Well, to be humble and honest, I could definitely use some assistance filling all of the paint jars and Posca pens that the job will require ha-ha!

There is one catch though, I want to give something in return to those who want to take part in it.

I created this “Be Odd” piece that I want to share with you. (It's wonky pig snouts, of course!

EXCLUSIVE OFFER - only available for a few days.

Would you like a wallpaper for your phone?

How about a print of it!?

Here’s what I have in mind...

Magenta level, $10 or more will get you a 4" x 5" print.
Turquoise level, $25 or more will get you an 8" x 10" print.
Any color of the rainbow, $50+ will get you a
12" x 16" print.

ALL come with virtual hugs!

If you'd like to participate with ANY amount between $1-9, I will send you a digital download! (and hugs!)

(*If you are a Patron, you will automatically receive a download :)

Easy ways to participate:

Use Venmo (@allieforthesoul)
Paypal (

*Be sure to include your shipping address in the notes so I can mail your print/
If a digital download, please include your email address in the notes.

Or reply to this email with the details!

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