A Cherry Branch Original Painting - SPRING BLOOM COLLECTION

A Cherry Branch Original Painting - SPRING BLOOM COLLECTION

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Part of the Spring Bloom Collection.
This year is all about “Making your own Happy”. I’m all about that and embracing second chances and the little things that spark JOY and make you feel…connected to nature, to each other…feel love and joy…gratitude for the little things and finding something special in everyday moments.

That’s what this collection is all about. Spring is all about new beginnings (aka second chances). I’m full of those and I bet you are too. And I’m embracing them!

”Capturing the Moment” The beautiful blooms are fleeting - is that because they are so beautiful that Mother Nature wants us to appreciate them even more? Deeper thoughts for all aspects of our lives! 

Oil on canvas 

-Measures 6” x 8”
-painted sides (no need to frame)
-Ready to ship and hang

Designed with Allison Luci original art.

All artwork and images are copyright of Allison Luci, aka, Allie for the Soul.

Thank you!!